3 Things to Consider Before Booking Your Mauritius Diving Holiday

Few things compete with a Mauritius diving holiday. If you have always longed to discover the underwater wonders of this Indian Ocean paradise, Mauritius offers some of the best diving in the world. This destination is also surprisingly affordable, with plenty to see and do under, on and out of the water, and a number of outstanding Mauritius resorts. Keep reading to find out how to get the most from your Mauritius diving holiday.

Before You Book That Mauritius Diving Holiday…

Some things to consider before getting your Mauritius diving holiday plans underway include the following:

1. Choose your diving course

If you are new to scuba diving, your options include doing a basic resort course, which will allow you to do one or two dives or doing a full diving course that will allow you to dive as many times as you like. The PADI Open Water qualification is internationally recognised, making this one of the most versatile options for those wanting to do a full course. Resort courses are typically simpler and shorter, often taking a few hours before your dive. It is always useful to do some thinking well in advance so that you can prepare. You may want to do the full course at home before leaving or incorporate it into your holiday.

2. Choose your location

Next, you can start thinking about the ideal base for your holiday. Mauritius is home to a large number of excellent diving spots across each of its main coastal regions. According to PADI Travel, there are a few notable dive sites to explore. St Jacques is said to be one of the best sites, with eagle rays, stingrays, reef sharks and many other wonders to see. Hoi Siong No 6 is also worth exploring. A former wreck that has been transformed into a marine sanctuary, barracuda, tuna, lionfish and butterfly fish are often seen here. The Cathedral is equally worthwhile, with clownfish, angelfish, grouper, morays and many other things to spot.

3. Choose your time of year

With its tropical climate, Mauritius is warm all year around. Winters are dry and warm, while the summers tend to be humid. Temperatures often reach the 30 degree mark between December and April. Water is at its coldest around September. To avoid the trade winds, the best time of year for scuba diving is between November and May. View our guide to the best time to visit Mauritius to find out more about the weather in this part of the world.

We hope that these tips make it easier to plan a Mauritius diving holiday that is full of fun and adventure!