Searching for Seychelles 5 Star Resorts? | Travel Break Holidays

Seychelles 5 star resorts are often seen as the best of the best. Whether you are planning a romantic break, honeymoon or a well-deserved scuba diving holiday with friends or family, finding dreamy resorts in Seychelles is not too difficult. While many visitors focus on finding Seychelles 5 star resorts, it is worth noting that 4 and even 3 star resorts can add just as much value, even for those on a budget. In this mini guide, we take a look at 5 star resorts to see if they really are the only type of resorts worth considering for your trip.

What You Should Know About Seychelles 5 Star Resorts

More important than the grading is the overall experience, the selection of facilities, the location and whether or not the resort is all-inclusive. You may assume that only 5 star resorts are worth looking at for your trip, but, in reality, you may end up missing out on an amazing resort just because it has a slightly lower grading.

All-inclusive resorts give you the best value

Whatever the grading, all-inclusive resorts are by far the best choice in terms of value. This is a great way to save a great deal on your holiday costs. Inclusive resorts typically offer accommodation, travel, transfers and selected meals within a single cost. That means that you only have to budget for one primary cost, rather than budgeting separately for flights, hotels, transfers and other costs.

Activities and location are also important

You may book your stay at a top rated resort, only to find that it puts you in the middle of nowhere. In the Seychelles, there are a number of central locations to consider for your holiday. Praslin and Mahe are the most popular islands in the Seychelles, putting you within easy reach of the capital and some of the area’s top attractions and reefs. Smaller islands such as La Digue are ideal for those wanting to escape.

Above all else, always follow your heart

If a luxurious 5 star resort such as Constance Ephelia Hotel ticks all of your boxes, then that is a great choice. If you love the look of a 4 star resort such as Paradise Sun Hotel or a 3 star resort such as Coral Strand Hotel, then choose the resort that looks like it will give you the best experience. Making your decision on grading alone may lead to you missing out on a resort that is ideally catered to your preferences.

We hope that these tips make a bit easier to find your dream resort, whether that is a Seychelles 5 star resort or a more affordable 3 or 4 star resort.