Best Zanzibar Activities Off the Water | Travel Break Zanzibar Holidays

While there is no doubt that scuba diving here is excellent, there are many Zanzibar activities to be enjoyed off the water as well as beneath the water. The island of spices lies off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. With a rich heritage dating back to the islands time as a slave colony, Zanzibar today is a truly mesmerising destination that appeals to visitors of all ages.

Rewarding Land-Based Zanzibar Activities

Join us today, as we take a virtual tour of the many Zanzibar activities that can be enjoyed on land. In no particular order, some of our suggested Zanzibar activities to enjoy on land include the following:

Nature adventures

Nature hotspots include Zanzibar Butterfly Center, which is home to a staggering diversity of butterflies; Jozani Forest, where you can see birds and the famous Red Colobus monkeys; Prison Island, with its giant tortoises; Chumbe Island, which offers a marine park and forest, and plenty more besides.

Beach relaxation

With so many amazing beaches in Zanzibar, you will have plenty of excuses to relax and enjoy the sun on your face as you while away the hours on a quiet beach. Our top picks include Ras Nungwi, Kendwa and Paje to name just a few.


Whether you try an organised tour or you simply set out to see what can be seen, sightseeing offers the chance to truly immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and history of Zanzibar. Highlights to visit include the old Stone Town, Kidichi Persian Baths, Shakti Temple, Beit El-Sahel (Palace Museum), Prison Island, Darajani Market, Slave Market and many other interesting places.

Spice tours

An absolute must-try during your visit to this part of the world is a spice tour. These give you the chance to visit spice plantations, sample local spices and learn more about the history of spices in this part of Africa. Most Zanzibar resorts will be able to help you book a spice tour during your stay.

Ideal for honeymoons, family holidays or any other type of break, the variety of Zanzibar activities combined with the friendly people and great beauty make this island a must-visit for all.