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In a comparison of Mauritius vs Zanzibar, which African island destination offers the best choice for travellers? Ultimately, this decision will come down to what you are hoping to enjoy during your holiday. If you are planning a honeymoon, your needs will be very different to those of someone planning a family holiday. With that said, it is always useful to see a side-by-side comparison to help you make your decision. Keep reading to find out which is best for your holiday – Mauritius vs Zanzibar.

Mauritius vs Zanzibar – Which is Best for Your Holiday?

How do you go about choosing the right destination? What factors should you take into account? To help you make an informed decision, here are a few things to consider when comparing Mauritius vs Zanzibar.


Zanzibar lies off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa, roughly 4,326km from South Africa. Mauritius also lies off the coast of Africa, 3,637km from South Africa. Both are accessible and relatively close to South Africa, making them affordable and central destinations. Both destinations are located on the Indian Ocean, with very similar climates and weather conditions. Both are visa-free destinations. Mauritius is generally easier to get to, with regular flights from all parts of South Africa.


From a romance point of view, both of these island destinations offer postcard-perfect beaches, endless expanses of ocean, swaying palm trees and various other settings that add to the ambience. For honeymooners and couples, the choice will ultimately come down to personal preference. Zanzibar is typically more relaxed than Mauritius in the sense that it is less developed, with plenty of old-world charm such as traditional dhows (dugout canoes), exotic food and bustling street markets. Mauritius is home to a world-class harbour along with many quiet spots, making it diverse enough to suit every mood.


Zanzibar activities are typically laid-back and simple, with days spent exploring Stone Town, relaxing on beaches, enjoying African style cuisine, indulging in spa treatments, enjoying snorkelling or scuba diving and perhaps taking a dhow trip. In Mauritius, there is a huge range of things to see and do, from adventure sports all the way to scuba diving, fishing, boat tours, shopping, sightseeing, dining, nightlife, beaches, museums, botanical gardens and various other activities. This makes Mauritius ideal for visitors of all ages, whether travelling with kids, friends or a significant other.

We hope that this guide makes it easier to know which is best when it comes to Mauritius vs Zanzibar.