Must-Try Seychelles Activities for Families | Travel Break Seychelles

If you’re planning a family holiday to this part of the world, these Seychelles holiday activities are sure to add plenty of fun and adventure to your trip.

The Best Seychelles Activities for Families

Situated off the coast of Africa on the Indian Ocean, this island nation is home to some of the most incredible beaches and nature spots on earth. While it is well-known for being a honeymoon destination, families are also sure to find plenty to see and do during a holiday in this part of the world. Keep reading to get an idea of the many rewarding Seychelles activities on offer for families.

In no particular order, the best family-friendly Seychelles activities include the following:

Scuba diving & snorkelling

Kids of 8 years old and upwards can try the PADI Bubblemaker scuba diving course that is made for younger kids. Kids of 10 and upwards can complete the PADI Open Water course, which caters to older kids, teens and adults. If scuba is not something you want to try, there are many amazing places to snorkel, too.


Many resorts have their own private beaches. Little ones of all ages can let off steam on one of the many beautiful beaches found across the Seychelles. Here, grown ups can look forward to a leisurely few hours on warm, white sands, while kids have the chance to build sandcastles, swim and play.

Day tours

There are many great places to explore across the islands of the Seychelles. Trips worth trying include L’Union Estate on La Digue Island, the Botanical Gardens and craft village on Mahe Island, Vallée de Mai on Praslin Island, and Curieuse Island, just off Praslin.


There is just as much to enjoy on the water as there is under the water. Watersports to try here include paddle boards, kayaks and canoes. Many of these can be rented out from your chosen resort. Be sure to take a waterproof camera along to capture your adventures!


Hiking and nature walks can be enjoyed on every island. The Seychelles is home to a wide variety of wildlife and birdlife, with many colourful birds to spot. Highlights include the giant tortoises on Curieuse Island, wild parrots at Vallée de Mai and numerous birds and animals at the Praslin National Park.

Visiting the Seychelles with kids is bound to be an adventure you will treasure forever, thanks to these incredible Seychelles activities.