Skiing in The Alps? Here's What to Expect | Travel Break Ski Holidays

First time skiing in The Alps? You may be wondering what to expect from your first ski getaway. The good news is that most quality Alpine resorts cater to visitors of all experience levels. Even if you have never set forth on snow before, you are sure to have plenty of fun once you find yourself standing upright on your skis for the first time.

A First-Timer’s Guide to Skiing in The Alps

To help you get started, we have put together a guide to skiing in The Alps. Here are some tips to help you get the most from skiing in The Alps…

Dress appropriately to avoid freezing

On your first ski holiday, aim to dress for comfort and warmth rather than fashion. As funky as ski outfits may seem, it is far better to be warm than trendy. Many South Africans are unprepared for the temperatures of The Alps – especially during the peak of ski season, which is during a northern hemisphere winter. Don’t forget about moisture-wicking undergarments that further protect against cold, wet snow.

Rent equipment and gear

Don’t worry about buying any gear before you leave or even when you arrive. Most resorts will offer equipment rental, or you can easily head to the nearest town to a specialist ski hire shop to rent skis, protective gear, boots and other equipment you may need. This will also ensure that you choose the best gear for your needs, with the help of a qualified expert.

Take a beginner lesson or two

As tempting as it will be to try and head to the slopes, if you have never skied before, this is a bad idea. Invest in a lesson or few so that you get the hang of staying on your skis, walking in your boots and mastering the feel of the skis. This will help you build confidence before you take to the slopes.

Don’t rush your progress

That leads us to our final point. Remember that it is not a race. Your friends may have more experience, but that does not mean that you should try and rush things to catch up. You may end up hurting yourself or getting frustrated and not wanting to head back out again after a bad experience. Take your time, be patient, and you will get into the swing of things soon enough.

Remember to enjoy the post-ski lifestyle as well, while you’re there. That, combined with the fun of soaring through the snow, make Alpine holidays a truly unforgettable experience. After your first time skiing in The Alps, we promise that you will want to return again and again!