Visiting Mauritius With a Baby? | Travel Break Mauritius Holidays

If you are planning to visit Mauritius with a baby, you may be wondering what to expect, what to bring, where to go and how to get around.

Top Tips for Experiencing Mauritius With a Baby

The good news is that Mauritius is a child and baby-friendly destination that offers plenty for visitors of all ages to enjoy. With year-round warm weather, beautiful beaches, an abundance of all inclusive resorts, a wide variety of activities and friendly locals, this island is sure to offer the perfect place to enjoy your first tropical holiday with your baby.

To help you make the most from your trip, we’ve put together a short guide on visiting Mauritius with a baby.

Some of our tips on how to enjoy Mauritius with a baby in tow include the following:

Bring a few swim nappies

While you will have no trouble finding regular nappies, along with formula and baby food, it may be a bit harder to find swim nappies. These are very useful for those who want to take dips in the ocean or in the hotel swimming pool while still adding a bit of protection. Most shops in South Africa and other countries will have swim nappies.

Invest in a sling

Buggies and prams are useful in certain areas, but a sling will generally be the easiest option. There are many incredible nature reserves to explore, along with the botanical gardens that are home to giant tortoises. Then, there are also busy markets and other areas that are easier than trying to push a pram around. With a sling, your baby will also be able to see the many sights of Mauritius, while still being close to you on every adventure.

Look for a child-friendly resort

There are many fantastic resorts in Mauritius – many of which cater to children of all ages. When browsing resorts and making enquiries, find out what childcare equipment is offered. Most resorts will have cots and high chairs on offer, either at no charge or for a small rental fee. The majority of resorts will also have baby-friendly restaurants on offer. Some may even offer babysitting services if your baby is old enough to be left alone for an hour or so.

Other than these helpful tips, we suggest doing a bit of homework before you leave so that you have a better idea of attractions and activities. Our guide to experiencing Mauritius with kids includes some of the most popular places of interest for small visitors. You can also make a list of Mauritius beaches to tick off those within easy reach of your resort. Once you have a rough plan, it will be a lot easier to enjoy a rewarding holiday in Mauritius with a baby in tow.