Why Visit Zanzibar? | Travel Break Zanzibar Holidays

For those wondering why they should visit Zanzibar, the so-called island of spices offers plenty of magic. Situated just off Tanzania, this African island is home to a dazzling range of beaches, along with amazing dive sites, a charming historical centre, a wide range of attractions, plenty of activities and a great selection of resorts.

Top Reasons to Visit Zanzibar

Keep reading to find out why everyone should visit Zanzibar at least once in a lifetime.

Some of the top reasons to visit Zanzibar for a holiday include the following:

Excellent scuba diving and snorkelling

Zanzibar scuba diving holidays offer the chance to experience the many excellent dive spots found across the island. Snorkelling is also good in many parts of Zanzibar. Popular dive spots include Hunga Reef, Nankivell Reef, Shamzi Reef, Tumbatu Island, Three Turtles, Ras Mskitini, Mwana wa Mwana and Mussa’s Reef. Things to look out for on dives and snorkelling trips include eels, stingrays, dolphins, barracudas, cuttlefish, turtles, whale sharks, hard and soft corals and, occasionally, manta rays.

Rich culture and heritage

Off and on the water, there is plenty to see and do in Zanzibar. Top things to do around the island include Stone Town – famous for its fascinating heritage and rich culture, street markets and beautiful buildings. Other highlights include spice tours, dhow cruises, dala-dala rides, breathtaking beaches, exotic food that fuses Asian, African and other influences, and much, much more besides. Many activities are suitable for children, making this a child-friendly destination.

Wide variety of resorts

Another reason to love Zanzibar is its world-class resorts. There are many affordable resorts to be found on the island, catering to the diverse needs of the modern traveller. Many are child-friendly, while others are designed for honeymooners and romantic travellers. Depending on your budget and preferences, you could easily find a resort on or near the beach that offers all the luxury you could ever need, at an affordable price. South Africans will find this island especially accessible, thanks to its close proximity off the coast of East Africa.

All in all, with so much to offer, the real question should be why you should not visit Zanzibar!