Choosing Mauritius Accommodation - Self Catered or Resort?

If you have been searching for Mauritius accommodation for your upcoming honeymoon or holiday, you may be wondering which is best… self catered holiday home or fully inclusive resort? Ultimately, the choice will often come down to budget and individual preferences. With that said, there are a few things worth noting that can make it easier to choose your dream Mauritius accommodation.

Keep reading to get our tips on how to find the right place to stay during your upcoming holiday to the beautiful island nation of Mauritius.

How to Choose the Perfect Mauritius Accommodation

When making the decision on which type of Mauritius accommodation to choose, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Your budget

One of the reasons that so many visitors choose resorts when planning a trip to Mauritius is that resorts offer all-inclusive packages that typically include flights, accommodation, selected meals and activities, and sometimes even transfers. This means that it often works out to be far more affordable to book at a resort, as you will not have to pay separately for your travel costs and other costs. If you are hoping to save on your trip, resorts will usually offer the most budget-friendly option – especially if you look for 3 and 4-star resorts.

Your preferences

If you plan on doing little besides lying by the pool and exploring your surrounds, a self catered holiday home may be sufficient. If you are travelling with kids or you are hoping to enjoy a well-rounded experience, resorts typically offer a broad selection of activities and facilities. Many of these are included in the overall cost. That means that you will be able to enjoy a rewarding holiday without the risk of getting bored.

Your location

Depending on where you plan to be based during your stay, it’s also worth noting that certain locations do not always offer suitable self catering options. On the other hand, most of the prime travel regions across Mauritius offer resorts. Even in remote areas that are a little off the tourist path, you will find at least one resort that is geared towards international visitors.

Your travel group

Finally, it’s also worth thinking about who you’re travelling with on your Mauritius escape. If you’re visiting with kids, resorts here are often family-friendly, with plenty for little ones to do during the day, kid-friendly restaurants and other facilities and services that add convenience, such as babysitting services, for example. If you’re visiting with your love, you will have easy access to spa treatments, adult-only dining areas, poolside bars and various other luxuries that enhance your stay.

All in all, although self catered cabins and holiday homes can be a convenient form of Mauritius accommodation in some ways, resorts in Mauritius will almost always offer a value-added choice that makes just about any travel dream come true.