A Guide to Disney World With Teens | Travel Break Holidays

If you are planning a trip to Disney World with teens, you may be wondering what to expect. The good news is that this US hotspot is every bit as fun for teens as it is for any other age group. Although teens are notorious for being apathetic, bored, and ‘whatever’ about things, even the weariest of souls will be charmed by this magical destination!

How can you be sure that your visit to Disney World with teens goes off smoothly with minimal drama? Let’s take a look…

Visiting Disney World With Teens?

Visiting Disney World with teens does not have to be any less fun than visiting with younger kids or adults. Even if your tween or teen is at the dreaded ‘whatever’ stage, the magic of Walt Disney World is sure to make them feel like kids again very quickly. The secret to planning a holiday that everyone can enjoy is to do a bit of strategising ahead of your trip. Here are some tips to make the trip as fun as possible for all.

Get your teen involved in the planning process

That does not mean that your teen should get the final say on anything. After all, family holidays are meant to be about EVERY member of the family. With that said, your teen will likely be more enthusiastic if they are involved to some degree. You could plan activity days, for example, or work out a dining plan to try fun foods and beverages.

Split up if travelling with younger siblings

If possible, try and split up if you are travelling with kids of different ages. The things that a five or even seven year old finds fun will likely not appeal to a teenager. One way to achieve this is to plan family activities that everyone will enjoy together, along with age-appropriate activities that will appeal to different age groups.

Give teens time to explore

As hard as it is to give your teen freedom, they will be hugely grateful to be given time to look around on their own. To make this work, set very clear boundaries, have a plan on what to do if your teen is lost or unsure where to go, make sure that you have a mobile phone or some other way to keep in touch and limit solo outings to just an hour or two.

Try teen-approved activities

You could also join in the fun by hunting out activities that even the fussiest teen will enjoy. Some of the things that other teens have enjoyed at Disney World include selfies or photos at the colourful purple wall in Tomorrowland, the Coca-Cola Cool Club in Epcot, creative ride photos on just about any ride, shopping, and staying up late to close the park and be among the last to leave. If you are not sure what to do, simply ask your teen which Disney World highlights they’d like to try.

Whichever time you visit, one thing remains the same… you are sure to have fun, whether visiting Disney World with teens, kids or adults.