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Trying to decide on Seychelles vs Maldives is no small feat. Both of these incredible destinations offer the kind of tropical paradise made famous in brochures and guidebooks. If you have always longed to escape to paradise, to enjoy swaying palm trees, blue waters, and warm sands, both of these destinations will have something to offer.

Keep reading to find out how each island compares in the choice of Seychelles vs Maldives.

Seychelles vs Maldives – Which is Best for Your Upcoming Break?

In the choice of Seychelles vs Maldives, which tropical Indian Ocean destination should you choose? Ultimately, this decision will largely come down to what sort of holiday you are planning and what you hope to do during your stay. To help you make an informed decision, here are a few things to take into consideration…


While both of these island nations are tropical, they have very different scenery. The Seychelles is home to mountains, rainforests, rural villages, beaches, and nature reserves, with plenty of greenery to see alongside the quintessential beach scenes. The Maldives is known for its shimmery lagoons, white sandy beaches and private islands that can only be accessed by boat or plane.


Both destinations are home to a number of world-class resorts. In Seychelles, top resorts include the 5-star Constance Ephelia Hotel, 4-star Paradise Sun Hotel, and the 3-star Coral Strand Hotel. Many resorts are set in lush gardens, with their own beaches and reefs on offer. In the Maldives, resorts are usually set on private islands, with walkways taking you out into the water. Top resorts here include the 5-star Cocoon Maldives Resort and 4-star resorts such as Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort and Kuredo Island Resort & Spa.

Activities & Attractions

The islands of Praslin and Mahe in Seychelles offer a wide range of things to see and do for visitors of all ages, from beaches, scuba and snorkelling to nature reserves, hiking trails, forests, cultural landmarks, restaurants, shops, markets, and villages. You can easily explore nearby islands by boat or drive around your base island by car. The Maldives is made up of archipelagos, each housing small islands – many of which are inhabited. Highlights here include scuba diving and snorkelling, along with water-based activities. Many resorts offer pristine house reefs that are excellent for new divers and snorkellers. Spa treatments are also excellent here. Along with the peace and quiet, the Maldives is often favoured by couples and families for its sense of getting away from everything. Seychelles is great for all visitors, with plenty to keep kids and adults alike busy.

Ultimately, the choice will come down to what you most want to see, do, and discover. Whichever island you choose, one thing is for sure… when it comes to beauty, both of these islands are clear winners when trying to choose Seychelles vs Maldives!