3 Things to Avoid on Your Mauritius Holiday - Travel Break Mauritius Holidays

With so much to see and do on your Mauritius holiday, you are sure to fall in love with this island from the moment you arrive. Situated off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a warm and inviting destination that offers beaches, nature reserves, world-class resorts, excellent diving, and a host of things to do for all ages. While 99.9% of Mauritius holidays go off without a hitch, it is worth noting that there are a few things that may result in a less-than-rewarding getaway.

What to Avoid on Your Mauritius Holiday

As one of the most beautiful, friendly destinations on earth, the island of Mauritius should be enjoyed to the fullest. There are a few things that could end up ruining your travel experience very quickly, however. To get the most from your Mauritius holiday, be sure to avoid these mistakes.

1. Spending the entire day on the beach

Once you settle down on the white sandy beach, with the sun shining, palm trees swaying, and the sound of the ocean crashing to shore, you will find it very hard to leave. Although it may not seem like a big deal to enjoy a full day on one of the many incredible Mauritius beaches, it is all too easy to get badly sunburned without realising it until you get back to your resort. In the Indian Ocean tropical regions, the sun can be deceptive – especially when travelling during the cooler dry season. You might not feel like you are soaking up the sun’s rays, you may be slathering on the sunscreen after a dip in the ocean, and you may even have an umbrella. Even with all of these tactics, you are at risk of exposure. Instead of taking this risk, aim to spend a few hours on the beach rather than a solid day.

2. Eating spicy food if you are not usually used to such dishes

With Asian and Indian influences, along with many other cultural influences that are seen and experienced in the cuisine, Mauritians love their spicy foods. This is not anything to worry about if you love your curries and dishes extra hot. If you are not used to spicy foods or you have a low tolerance to chilli, curry, and other hot spices, it is best to stay clear of spicy dishes. Luckily, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to food. Look out for plenty of fresh dishes, lots of seafood, and many other delicious options that are low on spice.

3. Taking tours with unregistered operators.

It is tempting to want to see the island and experience all the things during your holiday. Organised tours that are part of your inclusive Mauritius resort package or those organised by your resort are always the best bet. There have been reports of scam artists pretending to operate as an authorised tour company, only to try and scam money from visitors or provide an experience that is memorable for all the wrong reasons. Your resort will be able to help you book and plan excursions in a way that is safe and rewarding, without the risk of scams or being stranded in the middle of a jungle.

Stay clear of these things and you are sure to enjoy your Mauritius holiday to the fullest.