Travelling with Baby - Where to Go & What to Expect - Travel Break Holidays

Travelling with baby? You may be wondering if it is possible to enjoy the types of holidays you used to before your new arrival. The good news is that you do not have to give up your love of travel when your baby arrives. Travelling with baby is nowhere near as stressful as you think it would be, especially if you do a bit of planning in advance.

Top Tips for Travelling with Baby

Travelling with baby in tow may seem tricky. With so many amazing family-friendly destinations to choose from and a surprising number of baby-friendly resorts, hotels, and activities, travel does not have to stop when baby arrives. Here are some tips on how to travel with babies.

Where to go

There are many incredible places to visit that will offer a rewarding adventure for you and your baby. As a general rule of thumb, it helps to start with a basic idea of the type of holiday you want to plan. Whether you’ve always wanted to visit Disneyland or you are dreaming of a tropical getaway, knowing what you want will help. Some ideas that are baby-friendly include Mauritius (view our guide to visiting Mauritius with a baby to see why this destination is a great choice), Seychelles, USA, and the Maldives.

What to know

Once you have chosen a destination, speak to your doctor to find out if any vaccines or medications are required for your trip. The destinations we mentioned above are malaria-free but it always helps to be fully prepared. When booking, ask your resort if they are baby-friendly. Most resorts and hotels will have basic equipment and facilities on offer. Other things that will help include checking whether travel cots and mosquito nets are provided in your hotel room, packing a baby change mat, and bringing a baby carrier. Many destinations are easier with a carrier than a stroller. If you do bring a stroller, look for one that folds easily. You may also want to check local breastfeeding laws or, if your baby is on formula, pack extra in case you cannot find any once you arrive. Travelling with other family members can also make life easier and allow you and your partner to enjoy some quiet time.

When to go

Wherever you decide to go, always do your homework to find out the best time of year. Ideally, you want to visit at a time that is not overly hot, windy or uncomfortable. Most tropical destinations have cyclone seasons and rains that fall in the summer months. Mosquitos are also out in force during summer. Even if there is no risk of malaria, you will need to think about mosquito bites, sunburn, heat, and other discomforts. The off-season can also be a quieter time to travel, which means fewer crowds, less noise, and less chaos.

Once you know where and when to go and you have some idea of what to expect, it is best to look for resorts that offer all-inclusive travel deals. Most resorts will be ideally prepared to cater for visitors of all ages, making it far easier to enjoy a well-rounded trip when you are travelling with baby.