Why You Need a Tropical Island Escape - Travel Break Holidays

While most people don’t need too much motivation to consider a tropical island escape, you may be wondering whether the tropical destinations are a better choice compared to a vibrant city, the slopes of The Alps, or somewhere like Disney World, for example. All in all, tropical nations are an excellent choice for visitors of all ages. Those who love being outdoors will find the most value in this type of holiday. Kids, teens, couples, families, groups of friends and anyone else who loves a bit of adventure will also have an unforgettable holiday in a tropical island destination.

Top Reasons to Plan a Tropical Island Getaway

Why exactly should you book that tropical island escape? Here are just a few reasons to plan that adventure in the not-too-distant future…

Warm weather most of the year round

The majority of tropical destinations offer mild weather much of the year around. The main thing you will need to consider is cyclone seasons for your preferred destination. One reason that Mauritius continues to attract visitors is that it has very mild weather, with no risk of major storms. The best time to visit this destination is winter, which is the dry season. Between May and October, the weather in Mauritius is mild and pleasant, with excellent scuba diving and snorkelling and plenty of sunshine to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, golf, and visits to nature reserves.

Excellent water activities

It goes without saying that tropical islands have some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling on the planet. There are a number of top diving destinations to choose from – especially on the Indian Ocean coastline. The water here is so warm that you will want to spend as much time as possible exploring below and above the ocean. The Maldives has a reputation for its unspoiled reefs, while the Seychelles, Mauritius, Thailand, and even Zanzibar also all offer plenty to see underneath the water. On top of the water, you can also enjoy boat trips, whale watching, island tours, sunset cruises, deep sea fishing, and plenty of other fun things to do as well.

Spectacular natural scenery

Whether you consider yourself a nature-lover or you simply enjoy exploring beautiful places, most tropical islands are not shy on scenery. Close your eyes for a moment and think about tropical paradise. What would you expect to see? Lush jungles, for sure. Unspoiled nature reserves, definitely. Exotic birds, wildlife, and other creatures, absolutely. Flowers, swaying palm trees, vast boulders, sheer cliffs, white powdery beaches – check. This is the type of scenery made famous on postcards and guidebooks. Needless to say, these destinations are a photographer’s dream, with a massive variety of things to see at every turn.

As you can see, the real question to ask yourself is not whether you should plan your very own trip to paradise but rather what is stopping you from escaping to a tropical island.