Mauritius Holidays 2018 - Last Minute Tips - Travel Break Mauritius Holidays

If you are dreaming about Mauritius holidays 2018, now is the time to get your plans underway. The warm summer months are a popular time for many South Africans to visit Mauritius, with plenty of sunshine, warm waters, diving, snorkelling, hiking, kids activities, and various other fun to be had in this Indian Ocean island paradise. Although summer can also be the wet season, the weather often allows you to still enjoy an unforgettable break.

Your Last Minute Guide to Mauritius Holidays 2018

To find out how to get planning for your Mauritius holidays 2018, have a look at these tips on last minute organising.

Ready to make Mauritius holidays 2018 a reality? Here are a few tips to help you get started with your last minute holiday planning…

Look for early bird specials

Currently, as we ease from winter into spring, packages are offered at a more affordable rate compared to summer rates. That means that you can often end up saving on your holiday if you book as early as possible. Booking before the end of September will help you get more from your holiday budget, leaving you with more funds for fun things such as day trips, boat tours and various other adventures and activities in Mauritius. Waiting until the last minute can also make it harder to find the best resorts, as the good ones are booked up quickly.

Choose all-inclusive packages

Be wary of offers that do not include flights or accommodation and those that are limited in their overall offering. It can end up costing far more in the long run if the trip is not inclusive, as you will have to pay separately to get there and back. Ideally, you want to find an inclusive package that offers flights, accommodation, transfers and at least some meals. You can then budget accordingly, with extra funds for activities, remaining meals and any other costs that may arise during your stay.

Choose resorts wisely

Many assume that only 4 and 5-star resorts are worth choosing. Whether your preferred resort is already booked or you are hoping to stay in a specific area and there is only a 3-star resort to be found, it can be very useful to rather look at overall value than rating. There are many incredible 3-star resorts and hotels in Mauritius that offer just as much as the higher rated resorts offer. Unless you are desperate for luxury, you can still enjoy a world-class resort and a memorable break, with a far lower price tag and increased availability. Things that you should not compromise on, however, include poor service, a location that is far away from anything and other things that may make for a less than relaxing holiday. View our guide to what to avoid on Mauritius breaks to see what you definitely don’t want during your stay.

Get planning right now and you will soon be able to turn Mauritius holidays 2018 into the getaway of a lifetime.