3 Tips for Unforgettable Babymoon Vacations - Travel Break

Babymoon vacations have continued to grow in popularity. This type of break is similar to a honeymoon, only instead of celebrating the start of your marriage, the break celebrates the upcoming birth of your child. Although these trips are all about enjoying pregnancy and celebrating your love, they are also a way to enjoy one last trip together with your significant other before giving birth.

Getting the Most From Babymoon Vacations

Keep reading to find out how to plan the type of getaway that you can treasure for decades to come with these tips on planning memorable babymoon vacations.

Make sure that your trip is memorable for all the right reasons with these tips on planning successful babymoon vacations.

1. Reduce travel time wherever possible

While you don’t have to limit yourself to local destinations, it is worth thinking carefully about the duration of any flights you may need to take. If you are further along into your pregnancy, the last thing you will want to do is spend endless hours on a plane. There are many destinations that are not too far for South African travellers, including Mauritius, the Seychelles, and Zanzibar. View our guide to babymoon destinations to get ideas of where to travel for a rewarding getaway before your little one is born.

2.  Avoid destinations with travel restrictions

Whether it is an unsafe political environment, peak time for storms or other unpredictable weather conditions or even an area that is known for malaria, Zika or other diseases, do your best to avoid any destination that may have travel restrictions in place. The last thing that you want during this break is illness or other complication. That means taking the time to do some homework, well in advance. It is also worth considering the time of year that you plan to travel. For example, many tropical destinations offer idyllic weather during the dry season, with cyclones and other storms during the wet season. Other destinations may have extremely hot temperatures during summer that may not be too comfortable during pregnancy.

3. Choose your resort carefully

Finally, it goes without saying that the right resort can make all the difference. Look for all-inclusive packages and resorts that offer a full range of amenities and activities. These will not only give you the best value but also ensure that you have a rewarding stay, even if you don’t end up venturing too far from the resort. There is no doubt that 5-star resorts are a good choice for a luxurious break but 4 and even 3-star resorts can also be worth considering. Where possible, try to choose resorts that are located on the beach if you are planning a tropical island escape. This will allow you to enjoy your break to the fullest without having to travel too much after you arrive.

Once you have done your homework, you can get on to the fun part… booking and preparing for babymoon vacations!