Discover Mauritius Island Like a Local - Travel Break Mauritius Holidays

Whether you are planning a second trip to Mauritius Island or you simply prefer to see the island as a local rather than a tourist, this Indian Ocean has much to offer in the way of hidden gems. It is completely possible to have an unforgettable holiday in Mauritius without leaving the comfort of your resort, of course.

If you love exploring and you’d rather beat the tourist traffic, keep reading to get our list of local-approved Mauritius Island hotspots.

Mauritius Island Local Highlights

Experience Mauritius Island like a local with these must-try attractions that take you off the tourist path in search of hidden treasures and memorable experiences.

Port Louis

Spend a morning, afternoon or day exploring Port Louis by foot to get a better sense of everything that this city has to offer. The capital of Mauritius may be relatively small but it is filled to the brink with interesting sights and sounds. Highlights include the Central Market, the Natural History Museum, the Blue Penny Museum, Chinatown, and the waterfront.

Le Pouce

If you’re a fan of hiking, a hike up Le Pouce is highly recommended. It is always best to go with a guide who knows the area well. This mountain is the island’s third highest, peaking at 812m. Its name translates to ‘the thumb’ in French and is taken from its thumb-shaped peak. This hike is relatively simple, reaching the summit in about an hour.

Bois Chéri Tea Plantation

Tea fans will adore a visit to this tea plantation. Here, you can enjoy lovely views of tea and sugar fields as well as a small dam. Try the hour-long tour of the tea processing plant to learn more about the area’s history in tea production. Be sure to sample a few teas or try a leisurely lunch to enjoy the delicious local cuisine.

Trou d’Argent Beach

With so many Mauritius beaches to choose from, this one takes a bit more work. It is well worth the effort, however. Cars can only reach a certain point before the beach is accessed by foot. The walk lasts about half an hour but once you arrive, you will be able to enjoy a private beach sheltered by tall cliffs on either side. Clean, quiet and peaceful, this beach is the very definition of tropical bliss.

Of course, there are many popular tourist spots that are also worth visiting. View our guide to the top places to visit in Mauritius to start planning your dream trip to Mauritius Island that includes a diverse range of things to see and do.