Holidays 2019 - Where to Go & What to Do - Travel Break Holidays

Holidays 2019 are around the corner. As we begin the countdown to the last few months of 2018, now is the best time to start thinking about the best holiday destinations for the upcoming year. If travel is something you want to do in the year ahead, planning your holidays 2019 is the best way to get your dreams underway.

Your Fuss-Free Guide to Holidays 2019

Ready to get your holiday plans underway? Here is our simple, stress-free guide to holidays 2019 that covers just about every type of break.


Whether you are travelling with small kids, a baby or the entire extended family, finding a destination that everyone can enjoy is no small feat. The secret to planning a successful family getaway is to focus on well-rounded destinations that cater to all ages and stages. One of the most versatile destinations for families is Mauritius, which has beaches, attractions, plenty of activities, nature reserves, wildlife parks, a small but vibrant urban hub, good shops, restaurants, and great weather most of the year around. Disney World in the US is also worth considering, catering to kids of all ages.


Friends have a bit more leeway, with no teens, children or babies to think about. Your destination will ultimately come down to choice. A vote can be the simplest way to ensure that everyone is happy, depending on the size of your group. Create a shortlist of three or so options and then decide from there. If it’s tropical bliss you’re after, the Seychelles is always a winner, while Thailand is also magical. If it’s snow you’re in the mood for, The Alps is great during the snow season.


Wondering where to go for a romantic escape? Ultimately, your choice of destination comes down to the experience provided as well as the overall atmosphere and views that can be enjoyed. One of the most romantic places on earth is the Maldives – a famous destination for honeymoons and various other escapes. The vast beauty of the ocean combined with the sense of remote luxury makes you feel as though you and your love are far from everything and everyone, which is just what you want when you are planning a couples holiday with your love.


You may even be thinking about a solo holiday in the year ahead. Solo travel is slowly becoming more popular, offering a way to reconnect to yourself as you relax and unwind. There are many destinations that are safe enough for solo travel. Zanzibar is relatively close for South Africans, offering excellent resorts, lovely beaches, and friendly locals. A week or two in paradise is sure to leave you feeling refreshed, restored, and rejuvenated.

We hope that this holidays 2019 guide make it a bit easier to start planning the trip of a lifetime in the year ahead.