Top Tips for Your Thailand Holiday | Travel Break Holidays

If you’re dreaming of a Thailand holiday, you may be wondering what to expect. Thailand lies in Southeast Asia, comprising an abundance of tropical forests, bustling cities, beautiful beaches, rural towns, temples, mountains, and various other landscapes. Home to the popular travel hotspots of Phuket and Bangkok, this exotic destination is also where you will find friendly people, jaw-dropping attractions, and plenty to see, do and experience.

Planning for Your Thailand Holiday

Finding a good all-inclusive resort will help you get the most from your travels. Over and beyond finding a good resort, there are also a few tips that can help you enjoy your Thailand holiday to the fullest. Keep reading to find out how to prepare for your adventure.

Some of the most important things to remember that will help you enjoy your Thailand holiday include the following:

Carry cash

Although some shops, restaurants and attractions may have credit card machines, many do not have such facilities. Markets and tuk-tuks are also cash-based. It is often easier to carry cash rather than plastic. The best route is to take enough for your daily needs – food, activities and shopping – and keep the rest in a locked safe back at your resort. This will help you get around without worrying about carrying too much money.

Stay safe & healthy

Just like any other place on earth, crime can happen in Thailand. Be wary of scams that target tourists, such as over-priced tuk-tuk or tour costs from unauthorised vendors, tricks to lure you into local jewellery shops (being told that a common attraction is closed and given any suggestions for alternative places to visit), the bird seed scam (someone forcing a bag of birdseed into your hand and then trying to get you to pay), scam tours, and anything that does not seem legit. It’s also worth being careful about what you eat and drink to stay healthy during your holiday. In all cases, researching common scams, safety risks and health risks will help to prevent problems.

Show respect

Thai people are famously friendly and mostly relaxed. Respect is still required when dealing with locals and visiting any palace sites or religious sites. Keep shoulders covered, wear long skirts or pants, avoid see-through clothing, do not swear or shout at locals, do not photograph any official buildings without permission, do not photograph children or adults without permission, and remember to be polite to everyone you meet. This will go a long way in ensuring that your holiday is free of any issues.

It is also worth noting that elephant rides, visits to local zoos and other animal attractions may seem harmless but ultimately support a number of animal rights violations. Take the time to read up on Thailand activities that do not impact the environment.

We hope that this guide helps you plan your trip a little easier. With so much to offer, a Thailand holiday is sure to leave you with memories that last forever.