What to Expect on a Seychelles Spa Holiday - Travel Break

If you have been daydreaming about escaping to tropical paradise, a Seychelles spa holiday is just what you need to rest, restore and revive your senses. Situated off the coast of Africa, the Seychelles lies on the Indian Ocean. This island nation is comprised of a few major islands, with Mahe and Praslin being the largest and most populated.

Why Plan a Seychelles Spa Holiday?

Seychelles spa holidays are all about living the good life, enjoying the white sandy beaches, warm waters and lush surrounds of these picture-perfect islands. Keep reading to find out what to expect on this type of holiday.

What makes a Seychelles spa holiday something you won’t want to miss? For starters, here’s a taste of what you can expect during your break…

Spectacular scenery

The Seychelles is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. A large percentage of the islands are unspoiled, with lush natural forests, palms, wildlife, birdlife, and plenty of natural wonders to behold. It is hard to stay stressed when surrounded by nature. Whether taking a walk on the beach between pampering sessions, organising a hike at one of the nature reserves, exploring the underwater wonders of the Indian Ocean by scuba or snorkel, taking a boat cruise or simply sitting in a garden and watching the birds, you will soon feel rejuvenated.

World-class resorts

Seychelles resorts include a number of excellent places to stay. Top picks include the 3-star Coral Strand Hotel, 4-star Paradise Sun Hotel, and 5-star Constance Ephelia Hotel. To get the most from your stay, look for all-inclusive resorts that offer flights, accommodation and selected meals. These offer the best value and will give you easy access to a host of facilities, from swimming pools to restaurants, gardens and even private beaches. The majority of resorts are home to fully equipped spas that are well-suited to pampering.

Indulgent treatments

While we’re on the topic of pampering, there are many incredible treatments that will make you feel brand new. Massages are always a winner, whether you opt for full body, neck, feet or even head massage or you try something like a hot stone massage. Facials are also a great way to relax, leaving your skin feeling fantastic and the rest of you feeling equally good. Manicures and pedicures along with specialised treatments are also on offer at most good spas. However you prefer your pampering, you are sure to enjoy every moment spent at a tropical spa.

Treat your partner to a romantic holiday or get together with your best friends for a week of pure upliftment, with the help of a Seychelles spa holiday that caters to all the senses.