Preparing For Your Island Holiday | Travel Break

Few things can compare to an island holiday when it comes to relaxation and adventure. With so many exquisite islands to be found, from Thailand all the way to the Indian Ocean, finding the perfect tropical island destination comes down to deciding what you most want to do during your stay. You may be planning a honeymoon, family break or a well deserved holiday for yourself or you and your love.

Planning for Your Island Holiday

A good way to decide is to make a list of the things you want to do and then see which island best suits your needs. This will help narrow down your list until you find your dream island holiday destination.

What should you do to prepare for your island holiday once you’ve decided on a destination? For starters, you can try the following tips to ensure that you get the most from your tropical island escape.

Get your shots

While some islands do not have any risks of malaria or other health concerns, others require vaccinations. Many islands require shots long before you arrive. To be safe, always check with your doctor so that you know about any and all risks. Nothing will ruin your tropical getaway like a bad virus or infection that could not only put your health in danger but also endanger those around you when you return back home. Be safe and get any shots that are recommended by your doctor or your travel advisor.

Do your homework

It is also worth doing some reading up on your chosen destination before you leave as well. Unlike large urban centres, islands have a different way of life, with many diverse religious, cultural and historical traditions in place. Our guide on things to avoid during a Zanzibar holiday features a list of things that may result in a less than blissful escape, while our Thailand travel tips share some information that will help you prepare for your holiday. Other destinations may also have travel warnings during certain times of the year, religious holidays or occurrences to respect, dress codes to observe, and other cultural practices to understand when visiting. The more you know about a country you visit, the better your holiday will be from start to finish.

Pack wisely

Reading up on your island will also help you pack. The basics that should be included include swimwear and comfortable summer clothing, as well as light clothing for mild weather, a warm jersey or two for colder days, a wrap to wear to and from the beach, sun hats and sunglasses, long skirts for women, comfortable shoes for walking and relaxing, rubber-soled booties or shoes for snorkelling and swimming. Don’t forget your camera and a spare battery, just in case. Islands such as Thailand and Mauritius have urban centres that will have supplies, but some of the smaller island nations such as the Maldives may not be as well prepared.

We hope that these tips make it easier to start planning your island holiday, armed with everything you need for a memorable trip.