Are you unsure of what you must pack when visiting Mauritius? Here’s some basic info on the necessities.

Make sure you pack enough swimming costumes, as that is what you will wear most of the time. We would recommend at least 4 – 5. During the day you will only need your swimsuit and something to through over when having breakfast and lunch. A few pairs of slops and you are ready for the beach. Depending on how many times you want to visit markets and go on excursions, throw in a few dresses or shorts with tops but not more than 2 / 3 outfits.

For dinner the hotels expect you to dress smart casual. A pair of black trousers goes a long way as well as a few cocktail dresses. Men are normally requested to wear long trousers and button up shirts with collars and closed shoes. Also try different restaurants each night so you can where the same outfit more than once.

Lots and lots of reading material is the name of the game. We also recommend taking water / coral shoes as Mauritius is a volcanic island which means bit and pieces of coral and volcanic rocks will be present on the beaches.

Although most of the hotels offers snorkelling trips and provides snorkels on these trips, it is nice to take your own snorkel and goggles for those lazy days on the beach when you just want to see what is happening below the water.

Don’t’ even try taking your laptop as once you hit the beach you will not think about work or want to think about work even if you want to. Use your time on this beautiful island to spend quality time with your loved ones and leave your work back home where it belongs.

Holiday packages in Mauritius

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