If you have never been abroad, a European tour is a great way to kick-start your global travels. Needless to say, Europe is a large place. Much like the continent of Africa, it is made up of many individual nations, each of which offer an exceptional range of things to see and do. As such, this sort of holiday is a great way to take in the sights of the world.

Why plan a European tour?

What are some of the absolute best reasons to book a European tour, you may wonder? Here are the top reasons to start planning that trip:

1. Experience a whole other world. For most South Africans, Europe offers the chance to visit somewhere that is completely different to home. See the snow, take to the slopes in sought-after destinations such as France and embrace different cultures that help you grow and learn.

2. Learn a new language. Whichever part of the continent you visit, you have the chance to pick up a brand new language. French is always a romantic language to learn. This language is spoken in France as well as Switzerland, along with German. If you start with a few basics before you leave on your tour, it will be even easier to communicate while you are abroad.

3. Try new foods. There are some people who prefer to stick to foods that they know. But many others welcome the opportunity to expand their taste buds. You don’t have to risk any crazy dishes, either. With so many amazing cuisines to explore, dining will be a deliciously exciting affair!

4. Create new memories. One of the best things about any travel experience is that it allows us to build up plenty of memories. These are captured in photographs as we proceed along our journey. Whether you are trying skiing for the first time, visiting famous landmarks or simply enjoying your time abroad, memories like this last forever.

5. Broaden your horizons. Another reason for travel is its ability to help us expand our horizons. Sometimes, the world seems very small. By venturing out there and learning how people on the other side of the world live, we can only become better people ourselves.

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