Wondering whether it is worthwhile to take a French holiday package? This European hotspot certainly needs no introduction. Home to the city of Paris, along with fine wines, delicious food, a balmy Mediterranean climate, and, of course, one of the most romantic languages ever spoken, France has plenty to offer as a holiday destination.

To help you make the most informed choice when planning your holiday, we have put together a list of some of the most delightful things about holidays in France.

Why you should consider a holiday in France

In no particular order, some of the very best reasons to consider a French getaway include the following:

The food: Even if you’re not keen on the ideal of snails or frogs legs, France has some truly mouth-watering food to savour. Whether you love authentic cheese, baked goods, meat dishes, seafood or continental fare, dining is always a memorable occasion. Freshly baked baguette, croissants, Croque-monsieur, steak frites and pain au chocolat are just a few examples.

The wine: From authentic French Champagne to deep, flavoursome reds such as Bordeaux and Burgundy, it comes as no surprise that France is the ultimate destination for wine lovers. You don’t have to head out to the wine growing regions to enjoy good wine either – the majority of French resorts will offer a good selection of wines.

The skiing: Head to the Alps to enjoy some of the best skiing in the world. On the border of Switzerland, this snowy wonderland is the perfect choice for anyone with a love for hitting the slopes. If you’re keen to enjoy the famous ski culture of relaxation, dining and entertainment, France also does Après Ski to perfection!

The language: Grocery lists could be recited in French and they would sound like music to the ears. Try to learn a few basic phrases if you can, but even if you never get beyond ‘merci’ and ‘si vous plait’, you are sure to enjoy learning a few key phrases in this language.

The activities: In addition to skiing, wining and dining, there is much to see and do on France holidays. Head out to explore historical villages, take in the sights and enjoy every moment that is spent in this magical country.

If you are dreaming about a holiday in this part of the world, we are here to make it a reality. Visit your travel break today to learn more about our hand-picked holidays in France, and start planning a trip to remember forever!

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