Whether you are planning your annual trip, or simply day dreaming about family getaways somewhere far from home, there are a number of places that offer the ultimate escape. Travelling with kids can be challenging at best. It’s not uncommon for family holidays to end up being far more stress than they’re worth.

With everyone in the family to please, the secret to a successful family break lies in choosing a destination that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. But, that’s not the only thing to keep in mind when getting your plans underway.

Top tips for incredible family getaways

Some tips on planning the perfect family getaways include the following:

1. Look for all inclusive resorts

It will be far easier to keep the kids busy while still enjoying your own break if the resort includes everything you will need. That way, meals, entertainment and activities will be covered, without having extra stress on what to do and where to eat each day.

2. Head to the tropics

There is a good reason that destinations such as Mauritius keep coming up tops for family breaks. This Indian Ocean island has a number of child-friendly resorts. It’s also home to amazing beaches, botanical gardens, markets, and many other things for everyone in the family to enjoy.

3. Take to the slopes

On the other hand, ski holidays also cater the whole family. Both Switzerland and France offer all inclusive ski getaways that are suitable for all ages. Even smaller kids will have the chance to learn how to ski, or at the very least, make snowmen in a winter wonderland.

4. Cater for the youngest in the family

A good way to tell whether a destination is suitable is to consider how the youngest will manage. Are there enough activities to keep little ones busy? But with that said, it’s also good to think about teenagers, as well. Kids are happy to go along with things, but teens may get bored easily.

4. Consider the time of year

A ski trip is a great idea when there is maximum snowfall. Likewise, beach holidays are best during the time of year that brings plenty of sunshine, without the risk of monsoons and cyclones. Once you have destination in mind or a short list of ideas for your family holidays, you can start planning the best time of year to visit your destination of choice.

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