In the ultimate choice between tropical Indian Ocean getaways, the eternal decision will always come down to Seychelles holidays vs Mauritius holidays. Both these French-speaking island nations are found off the coast of Africa. Both are famous for their breath-taking beaches, excellent diving opportunities, luxury resorts, scenery and activities.

Knowing which is the best for your specific needs can be very useful in making your final decision. In this guide, we take a closer look at Seychelles vs Mauritius to see how each compares in three primary areas: family holidays, romantic holidays and leisure holidays.

Seychelles vs Mauritius – which is best for your holiday?

Planning your escape to tropical paradise is easier said than done. Everyone will tell you which they prefer. Ultimately however, the real winner in the Seychelles vs Mauritius comparison comes down to what sort of holiday you have planned.

Family holidays

With its wide variety of all inclusive resorts, golf courses, beaches, attractions and child-friendly destinations, Mauritius comes up top for family holidays. What makes this island so ideal for a family escape it that is offers plenty for everyone to enjoy. Safaris, diving, hiking, walking, cultural landmarks, sight-seeing, markets, restaurants, boat trips, eco-tours and plenty more await you on your family trip.

Romantic holidays

While Mauritius honeymoon packages are certainly a dream, the Seychelles has a secluded beauty that adds to its appeal as a romantic travel destination. Mauritius is a popular island destination that has a high tourism volume. Due to the very nature of the Seychelles, it has a number of quiet islands that feel far removed from everything. This makes it idyllic for honeymoons and other romantic breaks.

Leisure holidays

Both Mauritius and Seychelles offer plenty of highlights for leisure travel. Whether you are seeking adventure or relaxation, the Indian Ocean has it all. But, although the Seychelles is excellent for snorkelling and scuba diving, Mauritius has the added advantage of a bustling capital, a variety of adventure activities, plenty of restaurants and a balance of things to see and do. If you’re seeking solitude and quiet, the Seychelles are a good choice. If you’re seeking an abundance of activities that will keep the boredom at bay, Mauritius is the place to be.

Still not 100% sure which tropical destination is best for your needs? Leave us a comment below, or contact us today with your holiday requirements, and we will help you pick a clear winner in the battle between Seychelles vs Mauritius.

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