For South Africans, ski vacations offer a unique opportunity to head out onto the slopes and see the snow. Many have not had the chance to see snow before, let alone play in it or tear down a snow covered slope.

Just like any other type of vacation, the secret to planning your ski trip lies in knowing what to expect. It can be incredibly useful to speak to people you know who have been on a ski trip recently. This gives you insider tips on what you will need, what sort of temperatures you can look out for, what you will do during the trip and what else you may need to know before your book your trip. Knowing what to pack on ski vacations is the first step in getting your plans underway.

Packing Tips for Ski Vacations

Not sure what to take along on ski vacations? The following items are just a few examples of what to pack…

  • Gear. Most ski resorts offer gear for hire, including skis, snowboards, ski poles and ski boots. If you plan to do more skiing in the future, and want to save on your holiday funds however, it may be worth investing in your own gear. You could also ask friends and family to borrow theirs as well if you only plan to use the gear once. The gear you need will depend on the activities offered at the resort, as well as the slopes themselves. When in doubt, do some research to find out if you will need regular skis or fat powder skis.
  • Clothing. You will need a few changes of winter gear that can withstand the cold and the snow. Cotton thermals can retain moisture, which is less than ideal when you are on the slopes, falling into the snow as you learn how to ski. Look for synthetic fabrics designed especially with snow sports in mind. Thick fleeces and padded jackets are also essential, while water-proof pants, ski boots and other suitable shoes are also advised. You’ll also need things such as goggles, helmet, gloves, beanies, headbands, earmuffs, balaclava and other protective items.
  • Other Items. Along with your ski gear and specialised clothing and accessories, there are a few other things that will come in handy during your holiday. These include international plug points and chargers, walkie talkies (great on the slopes if you get separated from your group), wrist guards, ski holder straps, boot and hand warmers, ski/snowboard lock, sunscreen, lip balm, regular going out clothes, a first aid kit, a language guide if you are going somewhere such as Jungfrau, extra phone/camera battery and anything else that you may need.

If you have always longed to try a ski trip, we have a fantastic range of packages that are sure to be just what you need. Get in touch with the Travel Break team, or leave us a message to find out more about our rewarding ski vacations.

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