Whether you are dreaming about a family holiday or a romantic escape, there is nothing quite like an all inclusive Mauritius holiday to revive the senses and relax the mind. This Indian Ocean island lies off the coast of East Africa, offering the perfect blend of beaches, attractions, scenery, scuba and snorkelling, cuisine, shopping and entertainment. Visitors of all ages are catered to, resulting in a welcoming destination that is ideal for any type of getaway.

What sets all inclusive Mauritius resorts aside from the rest is that they offer a well-rounded holiday that gives you everything you could ever need during your stay, in one single package. That means that instead of having to book accommodation, flights and activities separately, you are able to find and book full holiday packages that include all of the basics.

Why Consider an All Inclusive Mauritius Getaway?

Why are all inclusive Mauritius packages such a great deal? Let’s take a look…

  1. You know well in advance what your getaway will cost. This in turn gives you far more peace of mind in knowing that you can budget for your holiday without having to calculate yet another expense. After all, it is not very relaxing to have to worry about whether you can afford that all-hours buffet yet another night in a row.
  2. You are more likely to step out of your comfort zone. Most all inclusive resorts offer a wide variety of things to do – many of which can be enjoyed without ever leaving the resort groups. From scuba diving to snorkelling, tennis, kids’ activities, tours, stand up paddle boarding, swimming and any number of things, that means trying new things on your holiday.
  3. Resorts are geared towards holidays. The entire point of these resorts is to give their guests a good time. That means that service is usually excellent, whether staying at a 5-star resort or a 3-star resort. Most of this service is included within your package, giving you the luxury of concierge and special touches that go the extra mile.
  4. Meals are usually included. Although most packages include breakfast and dinner, some include lunch as well. Even if it is just one meal a day, you can guarantee that it will be a memorable one. Remember that buffet we mentioned? Those are just one example of how resort dining excels. Many also have a diverse range of restaurants to choose from for your daily meals.
  5. There are plenty of scheduled activities on offer. A number of resort packages include an activity each day. Many others offer access to free facilities ranging from tennis courts to children’s clubs. There are also often events on offer that further add to the fun. Even if you don’t venture beyond the resort, you will always have fun on your holiday.

What do you love most about all inclusive resorts? Share your thoughts below to let us know why you love all inclusive Mauritius holidays the most.

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