What sets a boutique apart from a large hotel chain? For travellers wanting an experience that goes far beyond impersonal, generic hotels, boutique hotels offer an alternative that is often more intimate, luxurious and memorable.

Whether you are wondering how to find the perfect place to stay for your family getaway that feels a bit closer to home, or you are trying to decide whether to choose a specific boutique hotel, we have put together some tips to help you make an informed decision.

What to Look for When Choosing a Boutique Hotel

If large, sprawling hotel chains that are the same in every country in the world leave you less than inspired, a boutique hotel will likely be a good alternative. This type of hotel is typically smaller, operating as a stand-alone hotel rather than part of a large chain. As such, the level of service and facilities offered is often more personalised and thoughtful. Some of the things to consider when selecting this type of accommodation include the following:

  • Size. The smaller the hotel, the more likely it is to be able to offer personalised facilities and service. That does not mean you should completely discount slightly larger hotels. Ideally, however, the hotel should not have hundreds of guests.
  • Service. You should be able to enjoy a more personalised level of service compared to a large hotel. Whether that means a dedicated concierge or the ability to help guests plan tailored tours and activities, you should be able to expect a high level of service.
  • Facilities. On a similar note, although larger scale hotels and resorts typically have bigger premises and facilities, smaller hotels give you the benefit of more space and privacy without crowds. Look for facilities that enhance your stay.
  • Activities. Although large scale resorts often have an in-house dive centre, kids’ activity centre and activity centre, smaller hotels have the ability to assist guests with bookings made at local attractions. Some may also have smaller activity centres on offer.
  • Location. This is true for any type of hotel, of course. But location should be at least one of the things that influences your final decision. Hotels that are in easy reach of beaches and other attractions will ensure that you are able to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. If you have to travel far to get anywhere, it will quickly lose any value that smaller hotels have to offer.

We hope that makes your choice a bit easier! Looking for a wide selection of world-class hotels? Browse our boutique hotel range to see what we have in offer, or leave us a comment to speak to the Travel Break team.

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