With so many amazing Phuket beaches to explore on your holiday, it is no surprise that Thailand is one of the most popular choices for beach holidays. Phuket is an island in the Andaman Sea that is home to a large number of beaches, rainforests and mountains. Along its western shore lie some of the most sought-after beaches in for a  holiday in Thailand.

While many beaches are ideal for relaxation, others, such as Patong, are famous for their nightlife, with bars and discos found nearby. There are also many exceptional resorts found within each reach of Phuket beaches – some even found directly on the sands.

Incredible Phuket Beaches to Explore

Wondering which Phuket beaches should be added to your list of places to visit, stay and explore? Let’s take a look at some of the finest beaches in this part of Thailand…

Kata Beach

Offering soft sand, palm trees, clear water, soft seabed, excellent surfing, equally amazing snorkelling and a peaceful vibe, Kata stretches across 1.5km. This beach is seldom very busy. Often, you can see colourful boats at the northern end, with food and drink vendors in easy reach, and a number of restaurants found along the beachfront.

Kata Noi

Meaning ‘Little Kata’, Kata Noi is a smaller 700m long beach that lies next to Kata. This is where you will find the finest, softest sand along with a range of first-rate restaurants. Kata Noi is often peaceful and relaxed, while also offering plenty of surfing and snorkelling opportunities as it’s bigger sister beach, Kata.

Paradise Beach

As the name implies, this small 200m beach is truly paradise. The small rocky headland technically makes it two beaches. This little cove is found near Patong. It has very calm waters, and a soft seabed most of the year. Palm trees line the white sandy beach, while a beach club along with restaurants, bars, kayaks, beach chairs and other facilities further add to its charm.

Patong Beach

Famous as a party destination, Patong is a large stretch of beach spanning across 2.5km. During the night, this beach is especially busy. Thanks to the large number of nightclubs, bars and restaurants close to the beach and the numerous attractions on the beach, Patong has become a mecca for partygoers.

Karon Beach

Lying on the west coast, between Patong and Kata, you will Karon. This is one of the most popular destinations within Phuket. The beach has some outstanding snorkelling and scuba diving spots towards the southern part, with a wide beach that never feels very crowded.

Looking for resorts in Phuket?

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