Like many tropical destinations, the best time to visit Mauritius typically comes down to whether you choose the dry season or wet season. Essentially, doing a Mauritius holiday package to this tropical island is an excellent year-round travel destination that does not have marked seasons in the way that somewhere like Cape Town might have, for example. Instead, they have two primary seasons: the dry season, which is generally warm and pleasant to visit; and the wet season, which is hot, humid and prone to cyclone over the height of summer.

How do you know which is the best time to visit Mauritius? Keep reading to see how these two seasons compare.

Best Time to Visit Mauritius

Which is the best time to visit Mauritius – the dry season or the wet season? Ultimately, it comes down to what you plan to do during your getaway. It is important to understand the island’s primary seasons before planning your trip. Let’s take a look at how the seasons compare…

Dry Season

Unlike many other destinations, winter in Mauritius is mild, dry and usually clear. Between May and October, the temperature drops, making this an excellent time for holidays in this Indian Ocean island destination. As winter peaks, around July and August, winds pick up along the east coast however. If you are planning to stay in Belle Mare or Flacq, or visit Ile aux Cerfs, Grand River South East, or Roches Noires, you may want to plan your holiday before or after the winds.

Wet Season

With its classic tropical climate that has warm weather all year round, the main difference between summer and winter is the heat, humidity and strong weather conditions. From November to April, the island is very hot and humid. The wet cyclone season runs from January to March, which is certainly the worst time to visit.

Although cyclones do not occur every day during this time, they may make your beach holiday a bit less inviting than you had intended. It is however worth noting that out of all of the island’s regions, Black River receives the lowest amount of rain. If you do decide to travel during the wet season, this region will be a bit drier.

Before you book your holiday, it is a good idea to consider the time of year you wish to visit. This will ensure that you choose the best time to visit Mauritius in order to truly enjoy your break.

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