Choosing the perfect beach resort is not always as easy as it may seem. With an abundance of spectacular resorts found in the Indian Ocean alone, it can be challenging to narrow down your choice to find the resort that is best suited to your specific needs.

Depending on whether you are planning a honeymoon holiday, ski-trip or something in between, you may find that not every beach resort is worth considering. In fact, some may not be the best choice at all if you want to get full value. To help you make an informed choice, we have put together a list of things to avoid when choosing your dream resort.

What to Avoid When Selecting Your Beach Resort

Some of the things that you will want to be on the lookout for when selecting your ideal beach resort include the following:

A resort far from the beach

Be wary of resorts that sound dreamy, but are not based near to the beach. You may be surprised to know how many resorts try to lure guests in with promises of beach views and relaxation, only to require a fair amount of effort to actually get to the beach. Look for resorts that are either on the beach, or those that offer exclusive beach access. Always look at the photos of the resort, but also make sure that you are able to clarify how far the resort is from the beach.

A resort that is not inclusive

You may have fallen in love with the resort you saw on Facebook. If it is not all inclusive however, you may end up spending far more than you bargained for to enjoy your escape. What makes all inclusive resorts such a great deal is that they typically include everything from flights to accommodation, some meals and a selection of facilities and activities. Even if you only need for fork out for cocktails and scuba diving lessons, you will save a great deal in the long run when most of the basics are included in the package.

A resort not suited to your needs

For those planning a honeymoon, the best choice is adult only romantic resorts that do not cater to children. For those on a family holiday, on the other hand, family friendly resorts are the best choice. When you choose your resorts according to your needs, it will be a lot easier to find the right resort. Not sure which travel market your chosen resort caters to? Ask your travel specialist to let you know whether it is adult or child focused. This will ensure that you have the best possible beach holiday.

Using these warning signs, it should be a lot easier to continue your search. We hope that you find the perfect beach resort soon!

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