When is the best time to visit Maldives? If you are wondering which time of year is the best time to enjoy a tropical holiday in this part of the world, you are not alone. This question is asked frequently. To help you get a better idea of when to plan your Maldives holiday, we have put together a mini guide on the seasons on this unforgettable destination.

The most important thing to know about this region is that, like many tropical destinations, it has a dry season, and a wet season. Knowing the difference between these seasons will make it easier to determine the best time to visit Maldives islands and atolls.

Best Time to Visit Maldives

When exactly is the best time to visit Maldives then? The best weather usually falls in the dry season. Generally, you will be able to enjoy good weather between November and April. The high season runs from December to March, while the monsoon season runs between May and October, with June being the wettest month.

Low Season (May to November)

Although this is a cheaper time to visit the Maldives, it is also the wettest. This does not guarantee that you will be stuck indoors escaping a monsoon. But generally speaking, this is when there is the most rainfall. With that said, marine life on the western side of the Maldives is especially diverse during this time.

Mid Season (March – April)

The mid or shoulder season runs between March and April. By the end of April, temperatures are at their highest. Surfing season starts in March, continuing until December. During Easter, Maldives resorts may be more expensive.

High Season (December to February)

Between December and February, the driest months can be enjoyed. During these months, there is little rain, minimal humidity and lots of clear blue skies. Rates are at their highest over Christmas and New Year. Although this is a more expensive time to travel, it offers the kind of postcard-perfect weather made famous in brochures and travel guides. If you are planning an idyllic tropical honeymoon or getaway, this is the best time.

Ultimately, although it is always useful to have a clear idea of what sort of weather to expect, the decision on when to go comes down to your own preferences. Although the wettest weather is typically found during low and mid seasons, you may well find that you get plenty of clear weather during your holiday. If, on the other hand, you decide to go at the time that is best suited to your own needs, you will find that this time will be the best time to visit Maldives… whatever the season may be.

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