Situated in South Ari atoll, Vilamendhoo is an incredible island in the Maldives. With just one resort, which has become a slice of paradise for couples, this island offers a breath-taking location along with a host of activities and facilities. It is also ideal for holidays however – especially if you have been daydreaming about white sandy beaches and warm turquoise waters.

What makes Vilamendhoo so special? Keep reading to find out more about what this one of a kind tropical island destination has to offer its visitors.

Why Consider Vilamendhoo Maldives?

Surrounded by a lagoon, Vilamendhoo Island boasts a house reef, long stretches of white sandy beach, and just one luxurious resort. This island is just 900 meters long and 250 meters wide, spanning across roughly 55 acres. Visitors are transported here by seaplane from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Whether you are dreaming of a tropical honeymoon in the Maldives, or planning your annual family getaway, this island has everything you need for a memorable stay. Some of the most alluring things about Vilamendhoo and its Maldives resort include the following…

Perfect location

This island lies in the South Ari atoll. Here, some of the best dive sites can be found at your doorstep. There is a whale shark zone, along with a house reef that is a short distance from the beach. Both snorkelling and scuba diving are exceptional here, but for those wanting to stay above water, the island has much to offer as well.

Diverse activities

Needless to say, underwater activities are par for the course here. The house reef is ideal for snorkelers, while the PADI dive centre offers resort courses for those wanting to venture further beneath the waters offer the island. Additional activities include windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, excursions and plenty more besides.

Fully equipped resort

Facilities within the island’s single resort include restaurants, sports bar, library, gift shop, disco, games room, internet cafe, swimming pools, children’s playground, adults-only section and an incredible over-water spa that offers pampering treatments. Accommodation within the resort includes 184 rooms – 100 of which are beach villas.

All in all, Vilamendhoo Island has everything you could ever need for an idyllic tropical holiday, whatever your holiday dreams may entail.

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