Wondering how to find the best holiday destinations? Of course, holidays are incredibly personal. What makes a perfect holiday to one person may not be as amazing to another person. With that said, there are many awe-inspiring destinations to be found on our planet.

Whatever type of holiday you may be planning – romantic break, ski holiday, family holiday or beach holiday – you are sure to find the perfect choice of holiday destinations that is just right for your needs.

In Search of the Best Holiday Destinations

In order of holiday type, here are our suggestions for the best holiday destinations:

For romantic holidays…

The Seychelles or Maldives are your best choices. Both of these islands offer the quintessential tropical holiday, with plenty of tranquility, peace and quiet. Both also cater to honeymooners, with a number of adult only resorts. Unlike busier islands, both the Seychelles and the Maldives feel far removed from everything, with a number of remote islands that offer nothing but stilted chalets, white sands, lush jungles and warm waters.

For ski holidays…

The French alps are a rewarding choice for ski holidays in France. Here, you will find a small but excellent selection of ski resorts, along with a vibrant Apres Ski culture. If you are daydreaming about a picture-perfect snowy holiday, this is the place that will allow you to not only enjoy world-class skiing but also snowboarding and other sports. The scenery here is also magical, which further adds to the winter wonderland experience.

For family holidays…

Disney World USA is without a doubt a mecca for families. Situated in Florida, Disney World offers an unforgettable destination for kids and adults alike. The kingdom is comprised of a number of resorts that cater to just about every budget and preference. Within each resort, you will find accommodation, a theme park, restaurants and plenty of additional facilities. If you choose one of our all inclusive packages, this can be an affordable way to take the kids to see their favourite Disney characters.

For beach holidays…

Mauritius. Situated off the coast of Africa on the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is the ultimate choice for beach holidays. This large island is home to a huge diversity of beaches on every coast, all offering a host of activities. Whether you are aiming to soak up the sun on shore, take a dip in warm waters or venture below the water, you are sure to adore these beautiful beaches. If you feel like heading inland, there is also a huge diversity of things to see and do off the beach as well, from markets to nature reserves, unique geological attractions and museums. Thailand and Zanzibar are also worth considering.

Still wondering how to choose the right destination? Let us know and we’ll find the best holiday for you and your family.

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