Wondering where to go on holiday in 2018? The new year is just around the corner. Many people are already starting to daydream about where to spend their annual leave. As travel becomes easier, the choice of destinations becomes even larger. With so many places to choose from, how do you even begin to pick the right spot?

Where to Go on Holiday in the New Year

To help you make an informed choice, we have put together some suggestions on where to go on your summer holiday this coming year.

Some of our top picks on where to go on holiday in 2018 include the following:

For a well-rounded holiday… Mauritius

Ideal for romance, family fun, well-deserved timeout or any other type of holiday, Mauritius Holiday Packages has something for everyone. What makes this Indian Ocean island so popular is its balance of things to see and do. From its beautiful beaches to its excellent diving, the vibrant capital of Port Louis, charming villages, friendly people, and great weather, everyone will fall in love with Mauritius.

For an African island escape… Zanzibar

South African holidaymakers will find Zanzibar Holiday Packages a conveniently close destination. Situated off Tanzania in East Africa, this tropical destination is often fondly referred to the island of spices. There are spectacular beaches to enjoy, warm water, spice markets, tea and sugar tours, lovely locals, and so many other things to see, do, and experience here.

For the ultimate family break… USA

If you are planning a family holiday in 2018, few places can compete with Disney World USA Holiday Packages. This iconic destination is massive, with a number of resorts and theme parks to be found within its walls. Situated in Florida, you can enjoy plenty of sunshine, along with amusement park rides, famous characters, and non-stop fun.

For a romantic getaway… Seychelles

To truly feel like you are getting away from everything, Seychelles Holiday Packages is a good choice. This island nation lies in the Indian Ocean. Much of its land space is undeveloped, with an abundance of nature reserves, coastal forests, unspoiled beaches, untouched villages, and excellent dive spots to discover.

For an underwater adventure… Maldives

If you’re hoping to enjoy some snorkelling or scuba diving, the Maldives Holiday Packages is well worth considering. This island nation comprises a large number of atolls, the largest of which house a series of islands. Shallow lagoons, unspoiled reefs, and a staggering diversity of marine life make this a top spot for scuba diving.

And there you have it… we hope that this list makes it a bit easier to decide where to go on holiday.

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