Wondering where to find the best places to visit in the world for photography? If you can never travel without your trusty camera, you probably already know that just about every single place on earth has magic, if you know where to find it. Photographers are able to not only find that magic but also capture it perfectly.

Best Places to Visit in the World for Epic Photographs

Across the world, there are a few places that offer some of the most dazzling photographic opportunities imaginable. Keep reading to get our expert tips on the best places to visit in the world with your camera.

Some of our top picks on the best places to visit in the world for photography include the following:


Thanks to its diverse landscapes, beautiful beaches, modern city, and a combination of Hindu temples, idyllic sunsets, charming traditional villages, and lush surrounds make Mauritius a haven for photographers. New and experienced photographers can head to hotspots such as the Seven Coloured Earths, Maheswarnath Shiv Mandir temple, Black River Gorges National Park, 18th-century Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, and Chamarel Waterfall.


Somewhat wilder than Mauritius, the Seychelles has a remote beauty that is sure to capture the imagination of nature photographers. Highlights here include Morne Seychellois National Park, giant Aldabra tortoises, Tempio Hindu in Victoria, La Digue Island, Curieuse Island, Beau Vallon Beach, the island of Sainte Anne, Curieuse Island, Vallée de Mai, and many other wonders, both below the ocean and on land.


If it’s white sandy beaches and blue lagoons you’ve been dying to capture, the Maldives is sure to be the closest thing to paradise. This Indian Ocean destination is made up of a number of atolls and islands, each boasting the type of quintessential tropical scenery that makes you think of postcards and travel brochures. Look out for the Malé Friday Mosque, Sultan Park, and the many spectacular islands to be found here. If underwater photography is your thing, look out for whale sharks, rays, and other wonders.


Heading to the east, Thailand is a melting pot of culture, beaches, jungle, people, city, and sights. There are many incredible sights to capture here, from Buddhist temples to unspoiled beaches, picture-perfect island, bright streets and bustling nightlife, palaces, rural villages, palm forests, jungles, and much, much more besides.


The East African island of Zanzibar lies off the coast of Tanzania. This beautiful island has a pace all of its own. Sights to capture range from traditional dhow boats to fishermen, crows and cats on the harbour, the old town, spice markets, flawless beaches, tiny islands, the tortoise sanctuary, sugar plantations, local arts and crafts, and many other wonders. The combination of African, Asian and tropical make this Muslim destination a place that has new things to see and photograph just around every corner.

Ultimately, you will always find the best places to visit in the world as you venture deeper into your love affair with photography.

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