Many holidaymakers assume that 3 star hotels in Mauritius are lacking in luxury and quality. In fact, in order for any hotel to be graded with one or more stars, it needs to meet a stringent quality process. Globally, 3 star gradings are granted to hotels and resorts that meet requirements for guest comfort. These requirements could include 14 hour reception, 24 hour guest support by phone, luggage service, in-room refreshments, and various other comforts that enhance your stay.

Understanding what to expect when considering this grading will make it a lot easier to plan your dream holiday, without skipping over any hotels that may be ideal for your needs. Before you rule out that lovely looking 3 star hotel, keep reading to find out exactly what 3 stars offers.

Why Consider 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius?

If you are on a budget, you may find that 3 star hotels in Mauritius offer excellent value. Compared to non-graded hotels, you can expect a fairly high level of service, even without the added luxuries of 4 or 5 star accommodation. In Mauritius, there are a number of well-priced hotels in all categories. The choice of 3 star hotels here is outstanding, with many resorts offering just as much that a higher graded hotel may offer.

We Love These Dreamy 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius

There are a number of outstanding hotels and resorts in this part of the world – each of them catering to the needs of the modern traveller. Whether travelling with family, planning a Mauritius honeymoon or dreaming of a romantic escape with your special someone, choosing hotels that have this grading give you everything you need, often without the hefty price of a higher graded hotel. Looking for inspiration? Here are just a handful of dreamy 3 star hotels in Mauritius that cater to families, friends, and couples alike.

Now that you have a better idea of how this type of grading works, it should be a lot easier to start planning the holiday of your dreams. Thanks to the variety of 3 star hotels in Mauritius, you certainly won’t be short of options to consider.

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