Wondering when is the best time for ski breaks? Whether you have always longed to enjoy a White Christmas, or you have been dreaming of a romantic snowy Valentine’s Month in a gorgeous Alpine retreat, ski holidays are often excellent from December to April. This is when snowfall is at its highest, giving you the benefit of powdering slopes that are ideal for on-piste action.

When to Plan Ski Breaks

With that in mind, some times of year are better than others for ski breaks. Keep reading to find out which is the best time to plan your holiday.

Some great times of year for ski breaks include the following:

Christmas and New Year

This is typically the busiest time of year for most ski resorts. Snowfall is not always high at this time either, which can mean that the skiing is not always good. Many families plan their holidays during this time of year, and, as such, resorts, flights and all-inclusive package deals are all in higher demand. If you are planning your getaway for this time of year, try to book as early as possible so that you are not disappointed.

Valentine’s Month

February often has a higher level of snowfall, making it a good time of year for this type of holiday. As an added bonus, this month is also when Valentine’s Day falls. What could be more romantic than a beautiful Alpine ski resort, plenty of snowy days and nights, and luxurious apre ski activities? We certainly can’t think of any other way we’d love to celebrate the month of love. You’ll also get to escape the hot South African summer, for even more of a bonus.


Snowfall is also excellent around Easter. March and April are a little less busy than December and January. That means that you can often find great deals on offer, helping you save on your holiday. If you are planning a holiday during this month, it is good to note that snowfall can sometimes start to ease up from April onwards. Like with any other month, it is impossible to predict snowfall each year. Some years may have thick snow from December to April, while others may have the best snow in February.

Whether planning a ski holiday in France or somewhere else in Europe, the best time could be anytime from December to April.

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