Dreaming about a honeymoon in the USA? Whether you and your future spouse have always wanted to visit Disney World or you are longing to experience the magic of Florida, this destination is just as ideal for a romantic trip or honeymoon as it is for a family holiday.

Top Reasons to Plan a Honeymoon in the USA

To help you plan a honeymoon in the USA that you will never forget, keep reading to find out what makes this destination a must-visit for couples.

Some of the top reasons to consider a honeymoon in the USA include the following:

Iconic Attractions

Of all the attractions in the United States, Disney World is without a doubt the most famous. This theme park is a paradise for anyone with a love for magic. Although it is often dismissed as a family attraction, couples will be just as bowled over by the sights and sounds of this theme park. With an abundance of things to see and do, beautiful themed accommodation options and plenty of all-inclusive travel packages on offer, a stay here is sure to help you start your life together in a way that you will be able to look back on for years to come.

Memorable Destinations

Florida is unforgettable for reasons outside of Walt Disney World as well. Here, it is always summer, with warm weather and a tropical feel that further adds to its appeal. Thanks to its proximity to Cuba, there is a strong Latin influence. Beaches, cocktail bars, retro style buildings, exotic food, beautiful people, coconut groves, swamps, alligators, a bustling nightlife, world-class shopping and a host of other highlights await should you feel like exploring beyond the Disney resort.

First World Luxury

Enjoy all that first world destinations such as the US have to offer is also something that you can look forward to during your stay. Modern technology, unbelievable conveniences, smart cars, innovative technology, unusual products and exceptional service are all par for the course. A bit of luxury is always great on your Disney honeymoon, helping to make you feel pampered throughout your stay.

All in all, this destination has plenty to offer couples and honeymooners. A honeymoon in the USA may not be a conventional choice, but it will certainly be a rewarding choice that results in an adventure you can treasure forever.

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