If you are daydreaming about exotic island holidays somewhere far, far away, you likely have some idea of what you want to do. With a number of incredible island destinations to be found across the globe, it can be a challenge knowing which destination offers the best place for you to enjoy your holiday.

Depending on your needs, you may be seeking a family-friendly, all inclusive island that caters to everyone. Or, you might be looking for a peaceful, quiet island well away from everything, a place to go scuba diving or snorkelling or even somewhere that is not too far from South Africa.

Where to enjoy the ultimate island holidays

Where are the best places to go for the kind of island holidays seen in brochures and travel shows? Try one of these amazing destinations to start planning your dream getaway.

If you’re looking for a fully inclusive island experience…

Head to Mauritius. With plenty to see and do, Mauritius offers the best all-round destination. Key highlights on this island include beautiful beaches, botanical gardens, the bustling coastal city of Port Louis, various nature and game reserves, a diversity of resorts, a vibrant culture, and a good mixture of activities that will appeal to honeymooners, families and anyone else seeking a memorable holiday.

If you’re looking to escape somewhere peaceful…

Head to the Seychelles. What sets the Seychelles apart is its sense of remote tranquillity. Essentially, the Seychelles is made up of a series of archipelagos, which in turn contain numerous islands ranging in size. Depending on your preferences and mood, you could easily escape to a tiny island within the Seychelles, for a holiday that feels far removed from everywhere.

If you’re looking for a scuba and snorkelling adventure…

Head to the Maldives. Made up of 26 atolls, this island nation is home to over a thousand coral islands. The diving here is rated the best in the world, with an abundance of underwater treasures to discover. Both scuba divers and snorkellers will enjoy exploring beneath the ocean. Other highlights include marine reserves and natural wonders that abound.

If you’re looking for a uniquely African experience…

Head to Zanzibar. Lying off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa, Zanzibar offers a quintessential island holiday that has a uniquely African flair. This island is home to markets, a harbour, a flawless beach, warm waters, spice plantations and plenty of other things to see and do. If you feel like venturing inland, there are also many world-class game reserves in Tanzania, including Serengeti National Park.

Ready to start putting your plans into action? Leave a comment below, or send your details for the Travel Break team to get in touch. We will help you plan the most memorable island holidays imaginable!

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