Adult beach resorts are resorts that cater to couples, rather than families. Unlike family resorts, which typically offer activities and amenities that are child-friendly, adults only resorts offer spas, couples activities, fine dining, bars and adult recreation ranging from watersports to boat cruises, beach picnics and other grown-up activities.

Most adult beach resorts have a policy in place that governs the age of visitors. Some may allow teenager children, while others may only cater to guests of 18 and above.

Top Reasons to Book Adult Beach Resorts

What makes adult beach resorts ideal for your honeymoon or romantic holiday? Let’s take a look…

Peace and quiet

Needless to say, without children, these resorts are often a lot quieter and calmer. If you have been dreaming about escaping to Mauritius or another tropical beach destination, the entire point of the getaway is to enjoy some peace. For couples and groups of friends that do not have children, this is especially enticing. But those who have children, but want to enjoy some adult time, the peace of an adult only resort is also welcoming.

Ideal for romance

Although these resorts cater to any and every adult, couples will find this type of resort perfect for a honeymoon holiday or romantic break. Hours can be enjoyed by the pool, on the beach, at the spar, at a resort restaurant or bar, with other couples and adults who are also enjoying a much-needed escape. A number of romantic resorts boast their own private beaches, along with luxurious spas that offer the ideal chance to indulge and unwind.

Adult-friendly activities

Family resorts often have family friendly activities that can be enjoyed by all ages. At an adult resort on the other hand, the activities are designed with adults in mind. There are no play centres, kids’ pools, playgrounds and other activities. Instead, more sophisticated pursuits are on offer – relaxing, self-pampering, wining and dining or even dances or games evenings, depending on the resort you choose. The food served is also more adventurous, catering to adult tastes rather than children’s’ preferences.

Looking for adult only beach resorts? To find the best resorts that cater exclusively to adults, look for resorts that are advertised as adults only. When you see resorts being advertised as family friendly, you will know that they cater more to families and kids than grown ups. You will find adult beach resorts in major destinations all over the world, ensuring plenty of diversity and choice for your next holiday.

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