Maldives or Mauritius… which is the best choice for your upcoming holiday? If you have narrowed down your destination to the Indian Ocean, you’re on the right track. Ultimately, the decision on which island nation to choose will come down to a number of factors, from what you want to do during your holiday, what you want to see and whether you are travelling with a loved one or kids. Both of these tropical island destinations have much to offer every traveller. The differences may not be huge, but they may make it a little easier to make your choice.

How to go you about making up your mind? For starters, you take a look at what each destination has to offer. Keep reading to find out which is best for your holiday, Maldives or Mauritius.

Maldives or Mauritius?

With no further ado, here are some of the biggest things to consider when deciding on Maldives or Mauritius for your upcoming getaway.


With a diverse range of attractions, Mauritius is not short on sights. Many can be easily explored by land or boat, as Mauritius is a single island. While the Maldives is excellent for relaxation, its primary attractions include beaches and nature reserves. Highlights in Mauritius meanwhile include the Port Louis Waterfront, Black River Gorges National Park, Seven Coloured Earths, SSR Botanical Garden and many others.


Activities enjoyed on Maldives holidays are typically centred around relaxation. Spa treatments, snorkelling, scuba diving and relaxation are par for the course. Scuba diving is excellent here, with a diversity of marine species to see, including whale sharks. In Mauritius, scuba diving is also enjoyed along with hiking, sugar tours, water sports, adventure sports and golf.


For kids, Mauritius is always rewarding. This is due to the diversity of the island’s scenery, attractions and activities. Whether playing mini golf, seeing the giant tortoises, exploring sugar plantations, playing on the beach or discovering nature reserves, there is always something to do.


For couples, the Maldives offers the type of escape that is ideal for honeymoons and romantic escapes. With not much to do besides explore the beaches and underwater wonders, enjoy adult beach resorts, or perhaps take a leisurely boat cruise in a traditional dhow, this is the ultimate destination for couples wanting to get away from it all.

We hope that these pointers help you make up your mind. The good news is that you are sure to have an unforgettable holiday, whether you choose Maldives or Mauritius.

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