Mauritius snorkelling offers the chance to discover an underwater paradise, with a huge variety of marine life to spot beneath the waters. Across each coast, Mauritius offers a number of excellent snorkelling spots, with a staggering diversity of marine species to see, from parrotfish to groupers, napoleons, sweet-lips, angelfish, trumpets, clown fish, moray eels, lobsters, over 200 corals, abundant sponges and sea anemones and big game fish such as tuna, marlin, sea breams and sharks.

A Guide to Mauritius Snorkelling

The warmer summer months are especially good for Mauritius snorkelling, attracting a diversity of fish to the bays and lagoons. Wondering where to enjoy the best snorkelling in this Indian Ocean destination? Let’s have a look.

Some of the best places to enjoy Mauritius snorkelling include the following:

East Coast – Blue Bay

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On the east coast, Blue Bay is an excellent spot to explore. Home to white sandy beaches and clear waters, along with the incredible Blue Bay Marine Park, this area offers well-preserved corals and a diversity of fish species. Some of the corals here date back hundreds of years. Weekdays are ideal while weekends can be busier.

West Coast – Flic en Flac & Tamarin

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The popular holiday town of Flic en Flac has become a mecca for most tourists. The water here is clear with a wide variety of marine species to spot. Sea urchins are found on the ocean floor, so be sure to wear protective shoes. A little while away from Flic en Flac, you will find Tamarin, which has one of the most spectacular marinescapes on the island. Dolphins can be seen in both Tamarin and Flic en Flac.

North Coast – Trou aux Biches

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Thanks to its proximity to a large reef, along with its lagoon, Trou aux Biches is also an excellent spot to explore underwater. A variety of fish species, including parrotfish, damselfish, butterflyfish and surgeonfish, along with colourful giant clams and other wonders. Scuba diving is also good in this area.

South Coast – Le Morne

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One of the most beautiful destinations to explore, Le Morne is a must-visit when exploring the unspoiled south. There is a beautiful lagoon here, with clear water that makes for rewarding snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving.

Whichever coast you explore, Mauritius snorkelling is sure to offer plenty of magical underwater memories that will last a lifetime.

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