The Mauritius climate is pretty much what you would expect from a tropical Indian Ocean island. The weather here is warm all year around. During the wet summer season, temperatures are hot, with plenty of humidity. During the dry season, temperatures are average, without the typical winter chill experienced in other countries.

A Guide to Mauritius Climate

Understanding the Mauritius climate will help you plan your holiday more easily, knowing when to go, what to expect, and what to wear during your stay.

Some of our expert tips on how to plan your holiday according to the Mauritius climate include the following:

When to go

There are two primary seasons in Mauritius: dry season and wet season. The cooler dry season falls in the southern hemisphere winter, between May and October. This is often the most pleasant time to visit. The hotter wet season runs from November to April, bringing a high level of humidity and increased chance of tropical storms. To get a better idea of how each season compares, read our guide to the best time to visit Mauritius.

What to expect

Ultimately, like any other tropical island nation, it is not possible to completely predict the weather accurately. Many travellers carefully plan their holiday during the dry season, only to find themselves stuck inside on a rainy day. While you can expect the weather to be dry and pleasantly cool during the off-season, it is best to be prepared for anything. Likewise, you may travel during peak wet season, enjoying plenty of sunshine and no cloudy skies at all. Plan ahead, but also do your best to enjoy your break, whatever the weather is doing. Luckily, there are many things to see and do throughout both seasons in this part of the world. Many Mauritius resorts are designed to keep you busy even without leaving the resort at all.

What to wear

Whichever time you visit, the weather will be pleasant enough to spend a great deal of time at the beach. Make sure that you pack a few bathing suits, along with summer holiday clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, sandals and lightweight clothing. You should also bring along a few long sleeved tops and long pants. Don’t worry about heavy duty jackets, coats and other cold weather clothing, however. Even in the middle of the cooler dry season, temperatures seldom venture below 16 degrees Celsius. Dress to be comfortable, and don’t forget to pack some rubber-soled sandals or booties to wear for snorkelling.

We hope these Mauritius climate tips help you start planning your dream holiday!

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